How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

As a matter of fact, in absolutely all kitchens, all pulls and all knobs will need cleaning every now and then. No matter how careful you are, they tend to accumulate grease and dirt. However, everyone wants their pulls and knobs shining as in the first day, when they were new. If you are detail oriented, you will think about cleaning them thoroughly at least once every couple of months.

The first step for a thorough cleaning is to remove them. That might seem as a lot of work; however, this is the only way of cleaning every tiny corner of your pulls and knobs. Normally, if you have cabinet made of wood, you should also remove the knobs and pulls to avoid any contact between the cleanser and the wood of the cabinet. You will be astonished how much grime you found in the back of your cabinet hardware. Definitely if you are detail oriented you will not be sorry for removing the cabinet hardware.

For washing the pulls and knobs, you can soak them completely in water and add some cleanser to it. Soap is the first choice at hand. Soap is mostly enough for any home kitchen. However, in the case of a restaurant or any other business kitchen, you’ll need something stronger, since they have much more grime in them.

Depending on the material of the kitchen cabinet hardware you can apply one cleanser or the other. Porcelain or glass tends to be able to resist every kind of cleanser, unless they are painted. If they have paint on them don’t use any kind of solvent. Using an old toothbrush is perhaps the simplest tool and easily available. A toothbrush and soap are almost all you need for even the more resistant gunk.

Some cabinet hardware has places which are difficult to reach. In this case, just let them soaked in water with soap for the whole night. An exception must be made here for wooden knobs. They won’t resist any kind of treatment. Water with soap won’t damage them normally, but more aggressive cleanser or soaking them in water for a long time can ruin them or at least make them less appealing.